Exclusive sponsorships. Positive brand association. Industry-leading rates.

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What do I get with a DollarUp Sponsorship?

Your ad on each new tab

Your advertisements will be displayed on DollarUp's start page on desktops, tablets, and phones. Our team helps design it perfectly to fit in alongside the user's favorite website shortcuts.

Exclusive brand awareness

Your sponsorship will be exclusive for all users on the DollarUp start page for 24 hours. Convey your message clearly, with multiple opportunities per user.

Positive brand association

Proceeds from your sponsorship are donated to charity, and ads never frustrate the user - which means people are actually happy to see your ad. As a bonus, we'll also promote your message on our social channels.

Real-time Visibility

Track page views, unique users, and clicks in real-time from the sponsorship dashboard.

Try a DollarUp Sponsorship and see ads in a different light

Ads don't have to be annoying, blocked, and ignored. They can enhance a user's day and even do some good in the world. Stop bidding on ads that blend into the background, and run your own show on DollarUp.

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